6 Jul 2012

My Complete 'Sarah Jane Adventures' Collection

I've been making Doctor Who related DVD covers, and over the past two years or so have concentrated on The Sarah Jane Adventures - a series a lot of people overlook!

Each cover represents a story (two episodes normally). Please only use them for personal purposes - not flogging DVDs. Here goes:





And that's it! Hope you enjoy. Again, please only use them for personal purposes - no resales, etc. Expect more from me soon!


Christopher Loftus said...

Thank you for putting all your covers in one place, downloaded them all, and do think I'm going to re-instate them in to individual covers, wonderful work mate.

Christopher Loftus

Anonymous said...

Hi there, would you be interested in a private, paid commision?
I love your work and would appreciate some help with some bits my group are working on.

If so, please email me at: lordmaxil1990@yahoo.co.uk

Thanks :)